Kids Backing the Blue

During this difficult, and confusing time in our country, it is more important than ever to shine a positive and supportive light for our nation’s children and the Law Enforcement Officers who keep our communities safe. Kids Backing the Blue was created so kids and law-enforcement can come together and support one another in an upbeat and positive way. We encourage kids across the country to show their support for the great Law Enforcement Officers in their communities and beyond by sending encouragement in the way of letters, thank you cards, or even colored pictures. Volunteer group members will ensure that they are delivered to the proper agencies. We have partnered with agencies from all over the country and are constantly striving to expand our network so that we can spread the love from sea to shining sea! When a child’s letter, card or picture is delivered, we will do our best to snap a picture of the officer receiving the kindness and post a picture in the group so your child can see the effects of their kindness.

If you would like your child to join in on spreading some much-needed kindness to our nations police officers, as well as receiving some treats from Law-enforcement agencies across the country, then this is the club for you! We have been fortunate enough to have fun and interesting items donated to the children of our group from participating departments. We will do our best to put some goodies in the hands of each Kid Backing the Blue!

Our goal is to have departments and members from every state and territory. If you would like to help support the group and its mission, connect us with a deserving department, or offer volunteer hours, we would GRATEFULLY accept. Please reach out and we will help get you set up. We are proud to announce we are a 501(C)(3)

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Programs Offered

KBTB Membership

Kids Backing the Blue's mailing program consists of the volunteers sending Law Enforcement memorabilia to the children signed up! This gives children the chance to receive goodies from participating agencies across the Nation. We ask for each child to send thank you cards, letters, or pictures to the agencies that have donated to show appreciation and support.

Operation You've Been Ducked

The Duck Project is a program that allows children to hand out rubber ducks to Law Enforcement Officers. This program gives children the chance to show their support to our great heroes's in Blue, and lets their heroes know they are supported.

Thank A Department

Kids Backing the Blue will pair your child with a Donating Agency each month and we will send them pictures, letters, cards, and drawings to Thank them for their service. We are so excited to send such a big amount of thank you' to the Departments and lift the spirits of so many Officers.

We Support You

Kids Backing the Blue organizes and sends cards, letters, and pictures to participating agencies to show our amazing men and women in blue love and support. We are always accepting letters, cards or pictures and will ensure the delivery to agencies across the United States

Operation Happy Birthday

Kids Backing the Blue wants all the kids to know they are important to their Blue family, and what better day than their birthday. The Volunteers will send your child a birthday card from all of us at Kids Backing the Blue

Community Service

Kids Backing the Blue will challenge the kids in the group to perform Community Service tasks and the volunteers will send prizes to the children that get picked. Kids Backing the Blue will also reward the children for going above and beyond and will reward those children for their selfness acts of generosity.

Showing Support

Kids Backing the Blue loves hosting events to show support to the great heroes in Blue- June 2020 Back the Blue Rally


Our Facebook Group is a Social Media Platform that is dedicated to showing the kids the positive our Law Enforcement Officers do within their communities. It allows members to support Law Enforcement without having fear of being bullied for honoring these brave Heroes in Blue.

Game Nights

Kids Backing the Blue Host weekly Trivia and game night for the members of the group. This is a chance to win free prizes sent out by our volunteers in the group.


It is a Web based Forum that is monitored by Teachers and Professors. this allows children to receive resources and support while dealing with life changing effects of bullying. We offer a few common rooms that allow the kids to share common interests, to connect with others that are experiencing the same things in life.

Grief Support

A lot of us over the years have experienced grief in one way or another. We have created a forum for adults to come together and get support and love while coping with the loss you have experienced.